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Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to support the business development and capture process for your organization is critical. To manage growth, your CRM will be the central backbone of your business development organization, helping to keep you organized and pointed in the same direction as a team.

Government contractors have a very specific set of needs to manage their growth and capture processes. These needs include handling the constantly changing information on opportunities flowing from the government’s many sources, incorporating industry analyst updates, capturing insights from the whole pursuit and growth team, and working with third parties.

Capture2Proposal is specifically designed for the needs of small and mid-sized GovCon organizations. GovCon experts choose Capture2Proposal over general CRM tools for the following reasons … 

  • Supports Federal contracting Business Development (BD) practices out-of-the-box, yet can also be tailored to align with your BD practices.
  • Provides essential industry-specific features not offered by other CRMs such as Probability of Win, Teaming, and Decision Gate Reviews.
  • Is priced to be transparent and affordable, with all functionality and process customization included in the initial costs.
  • Is easy to acquire and maintain (unlike solutions based on Salesforce, which are too expensive, and too complex to administer and customize) in order to better meet the needs of small and mid-sized GovCons.
  • Eliminates the need to transfer data from market intelligence tools to a separate CRM/Capture Management product, and avoids maintaining separate updates.
  • Automatically ingests your Task Order Request emails into your single, searchable opportunity database.
  • Provides better usability, reporting, and oversight across all of your business opportunities, all integrated into the product.
  • Gives executives visibility, in one place, of the status of all opportunities and what your capture managers and all growth roles are working on.
Integrated intel, capture and proposal management in a secure environment

Aside from high-cost and complexity to maintain, third-party customizations or vendor ‘add-ons’ to generic CRM tools don’t address specific GovCon needs and processes, and leave you with less control. Updates to the platform can cause the third-party functionality to stop working, adding significant risk to your business. Read more on why you are better-served by a CRM purpose-built for GovCon.

Contact Management Capabilities

Capture2Proposal’s flexible contact management capabilities are designed for GovCon needs so that you can:

  • Add opportunity contacts and assign them roles, such as Technical Volume, Pricing Volume Writer, etc.
  • C2P automatically populates Government Small Business Advocates, Contracting Officers and Specialists
  • Contacts are available in C2P’s Activity Management dashboard, making data calls, meeting invitations easy to distribute
  • Contacts are available in C2P’s Teaming feature making tracking teaming interactions and status easy
  • Contact and C2P’s Document Management are integrated, allowing you to edit a contact’s access for secure and effective capture and proposal collaboration
Example of Capture2Proposal's Comprehensive Contact Manager for Improved Business Communication

Capture2Proposal’s end-to-end design provides ease of use and availability of these contacts across all your capture and proposal work. This integration allows users to easily and effectively manage contacts for data calls, meetings, teaming, proposal assignments, pricing, and more!

Capture2Proposal’s CRM is purpose-built for GovCons to support the whole business development lifecycle.

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