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Effectively Manage and Organize Business Opportunity Contacts. Securely store, manage, organize teammate, business development, capture, proposal, and Government contacts in C2P. Assign roles, permissions and invite people (e.g., teammates) to collaborate on the opportunity.

  • Add opportunity contacts and assign them roles, such as Technical Volume, Pricing Volume Writer, etc.
  • C2P automatically populates Government Small Business Advocates, Contracting Officers and Specialists
  • Contacts are available in C2P’s Task Management, making data calls, meeting invitations easy to distribute
  • Contacts are available in C2P’s Teaming feature making tracking teaming interactions and status easy
  • Contact and C2P’s Document Management are integrated, allowing you to edit a contact’s access for secure and effective capture and proposal collaboration
Example of Capture2Proposal's Comprehensive Contact Manager for Improved Business Communication

C2P’s end-to-end design provides ease of use integration of these contacts for all C2P capture and proposal features. This integration allows users to easily and effectively manage contacts for data calls, meetings, teaming, proposal assignments, pricing and more!

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