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circular label with certified stamp icon“Real” 3PAO Security Compliance

Don’t be fooled by people that SAY they are compliant

The DoD is finalizing CMMC L2 – and the requirements are more extensive and complex than many GovCon service providers realize. Capture2Proposal is 3rd Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) attested as FedRAMP Moderate (NIST SP 800-53) and NIST SP 800-171 (CMMC Level 2 equivalent) compliant and provides clients with a Body of Evidence (BOE) to support their CMMC C3PAO assessment. The BOE includes letters of attestation, 3PAO assessment Control Implementation Summary (CIS) and Customer Responsibility Matrix (CRM), and Capture2Proposal-Client Shared Responsibility Matrix.  Make sure to ask anyone else you may be considering – before a customer asks you during an award process.

policy iconCMMC L2, NIST, FedRAMP

We check all the boxes

Certification at the appropriate level of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will be necessary in order to win contracts with the DoD and many other Federal Agencies.  We maintain the following cybersecurity certifications: 1) FedRAMP High provisional authorization to operate (P-ATO) issued by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB). FedRAMP High addresses security controls related to the safeguarding of Federal Contract Information (FCI), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and Covered Defense Information (CDI). 2) Attestation of compliance with DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 as provided by an independent third-party assessment organization (3PAO) accredited by FedRAMP. 3) DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) Impact Level 4 (IL4) and Impact Level 5 (IL5) Provisional Authorizations (PA) issued by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

office iconGCC High and GCC

We support what you need

Microsoft GCC and GCC High both hold the ability to meet current compliance requirements such as DFARS 7012 and CMMC 2.0; however, organizations will likely need to choose GCC High.  We support both.  The Microsoft 365 GCC environment can help organizations satisfy DFARS 7012, NIST-800-171, and CMMC 2.0 requirements if the organization does not handle export-controlled data such as ITAR and EAR.  Microsoft 365 GCC High is built on Azure Government, within dedicated US data centers. GCC High is the only Microsoft offering – besides the DoD dedicated Microsoft 365 – that insures all data resides in U.S. data centers and is supported by background-checked U.S. persons. Those attributes make GCC High suitable for ITAR and EAR data, and to house CUI corporately and on behalf of the Government, which requires DISA IL 4 or greater. GCC High is rated at DISA IL 5 and is FedRAMP High equivalent

grid iconResponsibility Matrices

Manage internal and external teams

The Capture2Proposal shared responsibility matrices provide a delineation of specific controls, whether performing a NIST 800-171 or FedRAMP Moderate assessment, that the customer also has responsibility for performing when extending their boundary to use Capture2Proposal for business development and proposal management. The legend, shown at the bottom of each matrix, identifies the applicable controls and explains the customer’s shared responsibility for each control, such as role-based access to their tenant and end-point security for upload and download of document files.  Save days of work, and impress your customers.

noun security 5188958 iconRole-Based Access

We make it easy to set up and deploy security groups

Capture2Proposal comes with a set collection of roles and permissions, or you can easily create your own.  Permissions can be set at the specific opportunity level (which is very useful when you are dealing with external partners).  Permissions can fall into four basic categories based on CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete).

oun message alerts 5010808 iconSecure Teaming

Get early warning of important changes

Easily invite, assign roles and permissions to internal and external teammates. FIPS-validated encryption IAW with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 requirements ensures your documents are secure.  Or, utilize your existing Microsoft Teams infrastructure.  Activity management is fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform to make collaboration with colleagues and partners during the pursuit process more efficient.

 data protection iconSecure CUI Storage

House CUI corporately and on behalf of the Government

C2P addresses CMMC and DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 requirements. Unlike competing solutions, C2P supports the security controls required to protect the confidentiality of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) (proposal artifacts) in non-Federal systems and organizations.  The Government requires DISA IL 4 or greater – we are rated at DISA IL 5, FedRAMP High equivalent.

 azure iconMicrosoft Azure GovCloud Hosting

All Hosting Providers are not the same

Azure Government is the mission-critical cloud, delivering breakthrough innovation to US government customers and their partners. Only US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated instance, with operations controlled by screened US citizens. Azure Government offers the broadest level of certifications of any cloud provider to simplify even the most critical government compliance requirements.

Key Features

c2p task order automation iconTask Order Automation

Leveraging GovAI™, Capture2Proposal expands Task Order Management capabilities to ingest and transform Task Order Request emails and their attachments into collaborative intelligence for the whole pursuit team.

noun security 1281471 icon Cybersecurity and CMMC Compliance

Our investment in systems and processes ensures that extensive security controls needed by our customers for collaboration and sensitive proposal data are in place with Capture2Proposal.

Activity Management and Tracking

Schedule proposal reviews (e.g., red review), data calls, decision gates, and more with your business development team, internal contributors and teammates. Securely share capture and proposal artifacts to scheduled events with ease.

Auto-Generate Decision Gate Reviews

Ability to load Word or PowerPoint templates (e.g., Bid/No Bid PowerPoint or Capture Status Quad Chart; NDAs and TAs soon) to their account and map both Opportunity and Customer Capture data fields to the selected template.

Bid/No Bid Decisions with PWin PWin Opportunity Assessment

C2P calculates win probability and provides recommended strategies to increase opportunity win-rate based on industry best practices in capture management. PWin analytics empowers teams to compare opportunities in their pipeline effectively.

data analysis 1 icon Funding and Spending Analytics

Evaluate Agency, Contract Vehicle, Contractor, and Sub-Contractor award, funding, and spending down to task order and modification level. Evaluate incumbent contractor’s funding and work share by location to assist in price-to-win strategy.

data analysis icon Government Opportunity Search

Search by security clearance, evaluation criteria, keywords within opportunities’ documents, & various other fields to find and add opportunities to your pipeline with ease – or have GovAI™ do it for you, 24×7.

C2P uses AI to find Federal Business Opportunities Automatic Opportunity Discovery

C2P’s machine-learning model, GovAI™, analyzes your pipeline and feedback to suggest relevant opportunities.

team icon Teaming

Manage and track workshare percentage, exclusivity arrangements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Teaming Agreements (TAs), socio-economic set-aside status, and contractual interactions with prime and sub-contractors in one secure location.

microsoft teams logo icon Microsoft Teams Integration

Activity management is fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform to make collaboration with colleagues and partners during the pursuit process more efficient.

user experience icon Custom Capture

Customize C2P to expand your tracking and reporting needs. Easily create data fields to align with your business development process and pipeline reporting.

identification iconCRM and Contact Management

CRM, purpose-built for GovCon, including managing Government contacts (e.g., Agency Small Business Advocates, Contracting Officers), teammates and other contacts in one location. Assign roles, permissions and invite people (e.g., teammates) to collaborate.

C2P Provides Government Contractors with NIST Proposal Storage Secure Document Collaboration

Invite, assign roles and permissions to collaborators (e.g., teammates). FIPS-validated encryption IAW with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 requirements ensures your documents are secure. Easily search your proposal library to reuse proposal and capture artifacts.

Merge Proposal Revisions with C2P Document Collaboration & Merge

Merge comments and edits from various writers to accelerate your proposal reviews (e.g., color team).

Pipeline Analytics Dashboard

Our pipeline product features an entire suite of customizable analytics and rich visualization tools, for dynamic, online sales pipeline status and reporting – teamwide.

BD Pipeline Management and Development for Government Contractors Easy Pipeline Maintenance

Create, modify, save, export, and share dynamic business opportunity pipeline reports that reflect up-to-date opportunity information. Opportunity import wizard makes it easy to add unique opportunities, such as task orders or commercial opportunities.

artificial intelligence copy icon Near Real-Time, 360º Intel

C2P aggregates solicitation, award, agency forecasts, industry briefs and analyst updates to provide opportunity intelligence throughout the entire acquisition life cycle.

noun message alerts 5010808 icon Alerts & Notifications

Receive instant, daily, and weekly opportunity updates that entail Government procurement, independent C2P Analyst Team research, and your team’s BD activities in a consolidated email.