CRM and Capture Built for GovCons

Choosing the right CRM solution to support the GovCon capture process for your business is critical. To manage business growth, the CRM will be the central backbone of your business development organization, helping you keep organized and pointed in the same direction as a team.

Buying a solution built on a general-purpose CRM as a platform and having a third-party customize or build on it to provide support for GovCons creates enormous risk for your business. At first sight, it may be functional, but what lies beneath the surface? Your working solution is dependent on the original platform as well as the customizations made, and any updates to the platform may break your solution.

Success in the Federal GovCon market with its many challenges demands a solution purpose-built for the task. Now, and in the years ahead. Capture2Proposal is purpose-built for GovCons, by GovCons who understand what BD teams need.

Using a car designed for the road to navigate through rapids is an appropriate metaphor for solutions that ‘add-on’ to Salesforce or other CRMs. Just because it ‘floats’, does it mean you want to commit yourself and your team to this ‘product’ to survive and thrive in the ‘challenging waters’ of the Federal GovCon market. Are you comfortable with the risks associated with NOT using a purpose-built solution for GovCons?

CRM and Capture Built for GovCons

Specifically, when you evaluate a solution purpose-built for GovCon versus a third-party product added to a general CRM which is not designed for GovCons, consider these factors:

  • Architecture – are the key GovCon-specific capabilities native to the platform, or were they added by a third-party and running alongside the generic CRM (such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics). Will each update to the software be tested and fully integrated with the platform, or will changes in the generic CRM platform impact the add-on tool and potentially break the current functionality you rely on?
  • Single Point of Support – to succeed you need a single partner who will help you adopt the solution and provide ongoing support, not different vendors dependent on which functionality you are using. And when improvements are needed, or software bugs are found, you need a single point of contact for resolution.
  • Cost of Ownership – a purpose-built platform does not need to charge additional licensing fees to support the vendor of the third-party add-on and the generic CRM platform. General CRMS such as Salesforce are known for high licensing hosts per seat, AND the need for a highly-paid expert administrative staff to keep it running. A third-party add-on increases your costs of ownership further.
  • Access by Teaming Partners – during the capture and proposal phases, having your teaming partners tightly involved is an essential part of an effective GovCon business development process. Purpose-built GovCon solutions can deliver licensing and user access that makes sense for small and mid-sized GovCons. General CRMs typically will not accommodate the licenses and access you need for teaming partners at a reasonable cost.
  • GovCons need a single source of truth across the entire business development lifecycle so that there is never any confusion between the source of updates and their timing. Opportunity information and updates will flow from multiple sources, such as the government, industry analysts, and your own capture team. Having separate systems results in duplication of information and uncertainty about what is the most current, correct information.

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