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Effectively schedule and manage tasks, color reviews, data calls, decision gates, and more with your business development, capture & proposal teams, as well as with internal contributors, and teammates.

  • Schedule proposal reviews (e.g., red team review), data calls, decision gates, and more.
  • Easily attach files (e.g., proposal artifacts) for data calls and reviews from C2P’s Document folders
  • Easily allow team members to securely upload completed tasks directly to a C2P Data Call folder
  • Assign roles and permissions to both internal and external team members with ease
  • View status of data calls, reviews and other taskers through C2P’s Task Management Dashboard
  • FIPS-validated encryption IAW with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 requirements ensures your documents are secure
Creating a New Task in Capture2's Schedule Management Feature

Proposal Team Management for Government Contractors

To create a great proposal response to any Government RFP requires a proposal management plan with a well-defined, but adaptable, proposal schedule. In today’s Government contracting industry, executing a proposal schedule requires coordinating proposal writers and reviewers that are not sitting in the same proposal bay, but rather they are decentralized. C2P addresses centralized and decentralized proposal team management with powerful Task Management and Scheduling features that allow you to dynamically add and edit proposal and capture milestones and at the same time, create the associated tasker! Simply click, choose the task, select points of contact, attach the documents, and securely distribute the task.

Capture2Proposal's Task Manager Ensures Efficient Proposal Team Management.

Secure Proposal Document Management from Start to Finish

C2P’s virtual proposal center addresses DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 requirements, which is unique to companies that pursued Government procurement opportunities. Unlike various proposal document management and proposal development software solutions, C2P employs the security constrains required to protect the confidentiality of Controlled Unclassified Information (i.e., your proposal artifacts) in non-federal systems and organizations in accordance with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171.

But what is most important is that C2P makes it easy to invite proposal writers and reviewers (internal or teammate alike) to perform writing tasks and reviews, while being in compliance with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171. No more trying to set up a teammates access to a internal document repository just so they can support a color team review. And, no more trying to do separate email distribution or blind copies; C2P manages all of that for each task you send out! C2P eliminates the hassle of administering document sharing repositories to support proposal development related tasks. And lastly, save valuable time during color team reviews using C2P’s Document Merge to compile large documents from multiple reviewers in just a matter of minutes.

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