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Capture2Proposal gathers contract opportunities from more than 80 Federal agencies, including long and short-range forecast data, open RFP and Pre-RFP requests, and post-award spending data, which our analyst team continually assess and validate. All this information is ingested into a single searchable opportunity database for your organization, along with IDIQ Task Order Requests for select contract vehicles. This database is further enriched by the GovAI TM artificial intelligence system with recommendations for the best matches with your capabilities. Your own unique, unpublished opportunities can also be added so that all relevant opportunity information for your business is in one place.

This modern, universal opportunity integration, assessment, and enrichment platform is a clear differentiator from GovCon legacy business development software platforms that focus only on IDIQs, GWAC/MACs, or other task order request-based procurement vehicles. Older, Sharepoint-based software focused on documents vs. data do not provide the process, intelligence and AI-infused analytics features necessary to achieve visibility of your entire pipeline in one place. Capture2Proposal is the leading upgrade from and alternative to IDIQ task order management software with these critical limitations.

What happens in your Federal growth and pursuit lifecycle, without an integrated opportunity database such as Capture2Proposal? Typically, some business capture managers will be focusing on free and open opportunities, other managers are dedicated to capturing task orders from multiple IDIQ and GWAC/MAC sources, and perhaps your best capture managers are tasked with shaping new opportunities not yet identified in company or industry forecasts. It’s common, unfortunately, for each of these capture managers and their Line Of Business or agency teams to maintain the state of their respective opportunities in various internal systems or Excel spreadsheets, appending human intelligence gathered from talking with the customer and influencers, with teammates and vendor partners, with CO/KOs & Program Managers, and with other sources.

As each capture manager gathers and refines pursuit intelligence, it may conflict with the source procurement system and data. Understanding all of this intelligence is vital to determining if an opportunity is going to be a viable capture effort for your business and whether you should invest the resources to pursue and prime, partner, sub or walk away. Given all these separate sets of information from your BD team, with changing or outdated data, Growth, Sales, and Business Development leaders are faced with a frustrating (or even impossible) task to try to understand the real status of the Federal business pipeline for the entire organization.

Capture2Proposal makes it all easier for you. Everyone is focused and on the same page, from original opportunity discovery all the way through the proposal process, using a streamlined business development platform designed for government contractors. Having one single source for all opportunities and all opportunity data makes tracking opportunities and understanding your complete company pipeline simple and easy.

Using a single, integrated view of all relevant opportunities (no matter what the source), your sales, business development, and capture staff collaborate to identify those opportunities with the best potential and highest PWin (Probability of Win), and then to efficiently pursue them with disciplined capture processes, gate reviews and constantly-refreshed analytics. Executives and other stakeholders have real-time visual insight across the entire pipeline from Capture2Proposal’s single source of truth, ‘slicing and dicing’ the data any way they want to quickly make decisions to help them improve win rates and business growth.

Natural Language Processing is woven throughout our fully integrated market research, CRM, capture and proposal management SaaS platform.

Share & Collaborate
Contract and TO information is automatically ingested from Contracting Officer emails directly into the C2P unified data model and repository, making it instantly available for sharing.

Reporting & Tracking
Capture2Proposal modernizes the traditional multi-platform approach with a single streamlined platform that supports the full procurement lifecycle.

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