Price-to-Win Contract Analytics

Capture2Proposal (C2P) provides unmatched tools that allow Capture Managers to determine fundamental contract analytics like Price to Win (PTW) with greater ease and unprecedented accuracy. A simple click on an opportunity in the pipeline will bring up the previously awarded contract that will reveal:

  • Incumbent contract spending by location
  • Identification of incumbent awardee(s)
  • Graphic view of all incumbent contract spending year by year
  • Exportable breakdown of all contract task orders and associated modifications

Each of these features provides the Capture Manager information that is critical to formulating the PTW. Often, hours of research go into trying to determine how much work will be performed by location.  For example, Data Analyst jobs in San Diego versus Norfolk. Pricing out Data Analysts in San Diego will be a lot more expensive than in Norfolk. More often than not, this information is not available within the solicitation. If it is included, it is likely not well-defined. C2P is the only business intelligence platform that provides accurate spending data by location.

A snapshot of the C2P app displaying contract analytics

C2P is the only business intelligence platform that provides spending contract analytics by location

Questions are frequently submitted to find out who the incumbent is on an opportunity of interest. Once submitted, it can be a long wait for a Government response to that question. This can create a significant delay in making a bid decision due to the importance of knowing who the incumbent is to understand the dynamics of the PTW. C2P provides this information immediately.

If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…

…then C2P’s Contract Analytics’ graphics display is worth millions.  With C2P’s new analytics package, it is easy to determine whether the contract’s ceiling was reached or exceeded.  Perhaps most of the contract spending was in the first two years with little activity the final year; a clear indicator that the value of taking it away from the incumbent would be questionable.

Task Order Contract Analytics displayed on the C2P App

Task Order Contract Analytics displayed on the C2P App

C2P’s Contract Analytics drills into the most minute details to provide solid spending data to analyze. For each task order, C2P provides opportunity intelligence that helps in the determination of how much was spent for the various task areas:

  • Customer identification
  • Task Order description
  • Task Order period of performance
  • Funding obligation for the Task Order

Each Task Order if further broken down to give an accurate record of each modification that it went through by providing:

  • Description of the modification
  • Reason it was made
  • Period of performance affected by the modification
  • Funding obligation involved

This opportunity intelligence allows Capture Managers to understand the financial dynamics of the opportunity that they are contemplating on bidding.  By applying this information, along with what they know about the contract incentive fees and any intel they may have regarding the incumbent’s overhead and fees, Capture Managers can develop a realistic pricing model on what it will cost to execute the work. From there, it’s all about using this model to create the PTW strategy.

C2P has made it easy to access the spending data for incumbent contracts. Not only that, but we offer the industry’s only breakdown of that spending by location. C2P’s Contract Analytics makes much of the research that goes into formulating a PTW strategy only a few clicks to find. It’s C2P’s way of making life just a little bit easier for Capture Managers.