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Price-to-Win: Introducing the Holy Grail of PTW Analytics

Presented by Capture2, Inc.

C2P enhances Price-to-Win analysis capability with the first and only incumbent contractor funding analytics that includes work-share breakdown by geographic location.

Watch this webinar to see how a simple click gives you access to:

Incumbent Contractor Funding and Spending Performance Analytics


Evaluate incumbent’s and their subcontractors’ award, funding, and spending down to task order and modification level.


Add more precision to your price-to-win analysis with detailed location work share to effectively determine labor rates.

Dynamic Drill-Down Tailorable Analytics


Identify the IDIQs, GWACs and Federal Supply Schedules that your target customers and competition use.


Slice and dice award attributes (set aside, type of work) to visualize funding and drill-down to opportunity intelligence in one-click.

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