KSA Integration, LLC is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business based in Stafford, VA with a mission to provide business solutions that resolve the most difficult of organizational problems. They implement innovative and enduring solutions for a wide breadth of government customers, including the United States Marine Corps, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, NATO, and many more.

KSA was interested in centralizing its capture process, automating its hunt for new opportunities, and establishing a single source of our own BD tools and resources and externally, market truth. That’s where Capture2Proposal came in. 

Centralizing the Capture Process 

Having a centralized approach for any government contracting team is critical to making informed decisions and winning more government business. Whether coordinating internal and external teams, managing, and tracking activity assignments or storing documents and their revisions, Capture2Proposal ensures all information needed across the business development life cycle is directly available in a single repository, centralizing the capture process to make it manageable for your business development team.

However, KSA’s use of the Capture2Proposal platform extended well beyond the business development team. The platform gave its SMEs visibility into potential work to contribute to winning themes and their recruiting team was able to predict demand for FTEs and hiring needs. Additionally, they could keep track of clearance requirements in proposals to support future decisions and investments in facilities and staff.

Integrating into one platform produced visibility across all these moving parts and helped KSA reach their goals. “With our pipeline in one place across all opportunity sources, we have the ability to look forward and back,” Bob Watt, KSA Director of Business Development, said. “The pipeline is our lifeblood and provides critical data for strategic planning.” 

Opportunity Search Automation

KSA wanted a pipeline that could offer a five-year future view that would align with the company’s strategic goals, identify needed capabilities and teaming partners, and highlight customers they should focus on. Before Capture2Proposal, building such a pipeline seemed like a daunting task. 

The Capture2Proposal platform seamlessly aggregates solicitation, award, agency forecasts, industry briefs, and analyst updates to provide opportunity intelligence throughout the entire acquisition life cycle. This feature allows KSA’s users to access information critical to effectively evaluating current and future opportunities.

KSA was frustrated with other market intel providers that created data silos and invalid information. Target opportunities would often end up in a spreadsheet or separate system and get out of sync with the original source. As a result, KSA missed important updates. With Capture2Proposal, KSA’s portfolio managers found more opportunities, a better understanding of their requirements, and the data was more comprehensive.

Built By GovCons for GovCons

While some contractors make the mistake of turning to general-purpose CRM platforms, KSA Integration knew they needed a solution purpose-built for the task. At Capture2Proposal, we pride ourselves on being a tool built by government contracts for government contractors.

This is a distinction that attracted KSA. “You can tell that Capture2Proposal is designed by GovCon capture managers!” Mr. Watt affirmed. “It is easy to use, the data is better quality and Capture2Proposal’s human analysts are extremely responsive to queries, unlike our experience with other products.”

Because the Capture2Proposal team has a diverse background centered around government contracting, our analysts can support our customers with industry updates, briefs, and knowledge that keep Mr. Watt’s team one step ahead of their competitors. “I’ve yet to have a question that the team hasn’t helped me answer. We also appreciate the regular educational webinars on product and process to help us increase adoption.”

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