Sometimes writing a major RFP response feels a lot like shooting an unguided missile downrange - aim well my friends!

The USS Teddy Roosevelt sends one downrange! (this is often what submitting a major RFP response like Seaport-NxG feels like)

Today, 23 May 2018, at around 11am the Department of the Navy updated the Q&A for the Seaport-NxG MAC.  According to the 8 May and 15 May Q&As the RFP is expected to release on 1 June 2018 with a due-date for MAC RFPs on 2 July 2018.  Readers should note that this information supersedes the current FBO posting that shows 28 September 2018 as the due date.



Eligibility for Seaport-NxG

One of the key things for this Multi-Award Contract is the eligibility criteria — it has been stated for the past seven months that in order to be eligible a business needed to have demonstrated past-performance in direct support of the Department of the Navy within the past five years – Question 225 from this mornings Q&A update amends this to be 10 years.

NAICS Coding

The Department of the Navy is explicit that only NAICS code 541330 is going to be used on Seaport-NxG with a $38.5M small business ceiling.  As you prepare your RFP response double-check SAM to ensure that you have registered 541330 – it does not need to be your primary NAICS, just registered to your DUNS.

Teaming to Win on Seaport-NxG

There has been a little confusion amongst primes about if they should and how to list teammates.  ‘Section L’ of the Seaport-NxG RFP is where we strongly recommend listing the names, address, DUNS, CAGE, size and socio-economic status of all teammates you intend to partner with.  You are not required to fill out amounts and are not required to have teaming agreements in place for the MAC.  In short, Government wants to see that the primes who are submitting have some teammates and are bringing more than their own capabilities to the Navy.

Past-Performance for Sub-Contractors

Lastly, a word of caution and advice:  The Navy contracting officer’s recommend that a sub-contractor who is bidding to be on the Seaport-NxG MAC submit the most recent conformed copy of the subcontract. They also explicitly state that the original subcontract will suffice. If the original contract is clearer about the work being performed ‘in direct support of the Navy’ than the ‘most recent conformed copy’ our advice is that the subcontract that shows the most direct support of the Navy should be submitted.

Below I have attached a copy of the aggregated Seaport-NxG Q&A from the past few months, its a lot easier than reading through a dozen disparate documents on other sites.  Also attached below is our updated RFP Response Guide for this critical MAC.

Happy Hunting!