Exporting Opportunity Data for ERP Integration

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Capture2Proposal enables integration of your opportunity pipeline with your ERP system. This enables the creation of projects for tracking B&P labor, and to build detailed project plans for revenue, margin, and cost forecasting taking into account win probability (PWin). In the case of Unanet, this data can be sent to the customer’s Unanet Hosted IMU platform, or their own file server.

Capture2Proposal provides precise market intelligence for government contractors, such as descriptions, updates, & documents

Capture2Proposal users with Administrator access specify the export parameters.

From within the Pipeline screen, Capture2Proposal users select which opportunities should be exported to their ERP system.

Data exported from Capture2Proposal includes:

  • Opportunity ID
  • Opportunity Title
  • Customer Name
  • Probability of Win (PWin) Score
  • Capture Status
  • Award Value
  • Period of Performance Start Date
  • Period of Performance End Date
  • COIN (Contractor Opportunity Identification Number)

This opportunity data can be imported into your ERP system. For Unanet customers, you can implement this yourself or engage with your Unanet Customer Success Manager to understand the Unanet service to accomplish this.

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