There are two things in business we can always count on as sure as the sun rising in the east and Monday’s that follow Sunday’s:

Technology innovation and resistance to change.

Technology innovation is a good thing. It’s a much needed, healthy part of the advancement of your business and your industry. And yet, despite knowing this, each one of us is familiar with the stress of adopting new technology. Whether it was saying sayonara to your flip phone or begrudgingly admitting to yourself that you really do want a tablet- the perfectly unnecessary middle-child of your laptop and smartphone. We’ve all been there. There are many reasons for resistance to change: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, hardwired habits, and effort required to learn are just a token few.  Team Capture2 has actively consulted the top reasons for resistance to change and handled these factors with white-glove care for our Capture2Propsal customers.

Technology innovation and resistance to change

Resistance to change can pull you in a lot of directions.

Tailor-Crafted Training

Capture2’s Customer Success team is relentlessly dedicated to the training and onboarding process for new customers. Our training sessions are made to fit your schedule and preferences- not the other way around. Whether you’d like to break up your sessions into a few shorter trainings or knock it out over a lunch-and-learn, our team is ready to answer every question, walk you through every step, and set up your profile and pipeline to meet your needs and inclinations.  One of our recently on-boarded customers had this to say about his Customer Success Manager, Ebony Thomas:


I am normally pretty fickle with my praise, but your customer success team are rock stars. We are starting to dig down and get more involved with the platform and they have been right there on every question. I still have a lot to learn, but preliminaries are good, and the support has been great. Buy them lunch this afternoon and put it on our renewal cost for next year. 

Looking forward to digging deeper. 

 We always knew our customer success team are awesome but it’s nice to hear it from someone outside the company, too.

Low Risk, High Reward 

Whether you’re the decision maker, the decision breaker, the endorser, champion, or skeptic, we’ve created a path forward for you that is a low-risk journey to success. When your company adopts Capture2Proposal, you are eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. From the date you sign your contract, you have a full month to decide whether or not C2P is right for your business, and if you decide it is not, you are not locked into an annual contract and you don’t lose out on a dime. We respect your decision and at the end of the day, we want what is best for your business. 30 days- Money Back- Low risk. But it’s the high-reward we want to emphasize. We are happy to say that no one has yet to take us up on this option because, after just one month of use, you’ll see the many ways C2P can transform your capture and proposal processes.

“Sawdey Solution Services rolled out Capture2Proposal to the entire BD team at the beginning of the year and the Team Capture2 has been extremely responsive to any questions and requests.  As we continue to grow and evolve with the tool, the team continually works with us to refine and make modifications for our specific needs.  We are very happy with the progress we have made so far!”

            Tracy Rife

Business Development Coordinator

Sawdey Solution Services

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Change can lead to great things

Change can lead to great things.

Hey, we were founded by a team of Veterans after all. Hard-wired habits are a good thing to establish, but they’re hard to break. That’s why Capture2Proposal was created to be the industry’s only end-to-end software, storing everything your BD, Capture, and Proposal teams need in one platform, not many. Rid yourself of the erroneous logins and multiple payments to CRMs, collaborative platforms, task management services, and market intelligence tools. With C2P, you can have all of it in one, simple, secure, collaborative and customizable software. Hard-wired habits are refined and simplified, saving your team time, money, and providing the best results with the least amount of friction.

Be Among the Best

Transitions are tough, and we recognize that. Don’t let the resistance to change stifle your company’s chance at more business.  You can be rest assured, joining a fleet of customers like Rolls Royce, IBM, Colsa Corporation, Belcan, and many more, you are making the right decision.