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Search by agency, opportunity status, set-aside, security clearance, evaluation criteria, keywords within opportunities’ documents, & various other fields to find and add opportunities to your pipeline with ease. C2P brings in federal business opportunity intelligence data from over 70 information sources to provide our customers with Industry leading federal business intelligence. But that doesn’t help our customers unless they can find what they need. Therefore, the Capture2 team designed and developed the most robust Government Market Intelligence Search Engine on the market to provide the following:

  • Create, update, and save search filters for ease of use and to save time
  • Search by fields, not offered by other government business intelligence on the market, to include; Facility Clearance, Evaluation Criteria, Contract Vehicle
  • Keyword search finds opportunities, not just based on the opportunity overview, but based on all the words within the documents associated to that opportunity
  • Search by Opportunity Status, to include Forecasted Opportunities and Date Ranges providing you opportunities 36 months out from estimated solicitation release date
  • Search by standard procurement fields, to include; Solicitation number, NAICS, Product Service Code, Contract Type, Award Type, Contract number, Award Value, Set Aside, Agency, Incumbent Name, Procurement Dates, etc.
  • Add opportunities to your company pipeline with one click
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Government Opportunity Search Engine for Business Development and Capture Management Professionals

Evaluate Government Contracting Opportunities Efficiently

While various government market intelligence solutions exist, finding a solution that provides you the most pertinent information up front is key to assist you in assessing an opportunity quickly. C2P’s Government Opportunity Search  Engine presents results in a manner that makes Government opportunity identification and evaluation quick and effective.

Government Opportunity Search Engine for Federal Contracting Opportunities

C2P’s Government Opportunity Search Engine provides the key information needed to assess an opportunity, including, Facility Clearance, Evaluation Criteria, Scope of Work, Key Dates and more within the search results to quickly evaluate an opportunity. In addition, it provides you the location and access to all documents that contained matched phases to your key word search associated with that opportunity. With the pertinent information presented up-front, you can either drill down on the Opportunity-Centric Intelligence page to conduct more Government opportunity research or add the opportunity to your BD pipeline with one-click.

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