Funding and Spending Analytics for Government Contracts

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Capture2Proposal lifts the limitations that outdated, legacy systems don’t. Introducing the new Analytics Spending capability that powers GovCons to make better business decisions. 

Capture2Proposal provides GovCons with the capability to view data in a graphical layout that answers critical questions to help drive business growth. With customizable analytic visualizations, you are able to filter against agency, vendor, contract vehicle, award, and work scope elements from corresponding solicitation in one view. You can easily structure this view and build your analysis using words or phrases to generate reports relevant to the services your company provides.Capture2Proposal’s new analytics workflow model also enables real-time, actionable insights – across the entire pursuit lifecycle. GovCons are able to add specific opportunities for follow-up directly to their pipeline, with a single click from granular, detailed report data or an analytics view. This feature delivers immediate answers, for immediate outcomes

Capture2Proposal enables you to navigate the enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data from many sources, helping you to identify the areas that you need most to explore. Expanding your perspective may be the key to finding new opportunities or perfecting your PWin strategy. 

Other systems limit GovCons to pre-built reports sioled by contract vehicle, contract, vendor, agency groups offered by status-quo, legacy systems. These static reports are constrained by generalized award elements, such as NAICS, which lack the granularity to leverage better business decisions. 

Customers use Capture2Proposal’s Analytics capabilities to:

Create Custom Analytic Visualizations

Filtering against agency, vendor, contract vehicle, award, and work scope elements from corresponding solicitation in one view

Conduct deep dive

Using words or phrases (e.g., risk management framework) to generate reports relevant to the services your company provides

Transition from research to opportunity evaluation

With one-click drilldown from analytics to relevant opportunities, added to your pipeline

    What if you had Capture2Proposal’s capabilities to help you identify areas where you can grow your business? You could answer questions such as:

      • How much money have the Marines put into cybersecurity/IT over the last N years on these contract vehicles?
      • Show me all the contract vehicles my customers use.
      • How does funding from these agencies pushing specific types of work to these contract vehicles compare?
      • Show me the contract vehicles supporting the Navy for work in these NAICS codes with WOSB Set-Asides.
      • Who is in this niche market that I can partner with to make the connections?
      • I want to go after contracts where the incumbent is not able to bid on the follow-on: What companies have an expiring 8(a) contract that have won 8(a) awards under this specific NAICS code?
      • How often do these specific agencies use these specific set-asides?
      • Do the procurement dates and mission parameters align with other work we’re pursuing or already delivering?

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