2018 Navy Seaport-NxG Question and Answers, Timeline Update and Important MAC Factors

On 14 February 2018 the Navy Seaport-NxG contracting team published a Q&A and update on the timeline and factors that are being considered in the business opportunity for the MAC. Several of the points raised in the Q&A strongly indicate that the Department of the Navy is setting this contract vehicle up for Small Businesses to win significant task orders and if they perform well participate for up to 10 years. Key changes have been highlighted in yellow in the PDF that you can download below. Be certain to read their update on DFARS/NIST compliance requirements to ensure you are well prepared for this capture. We have also added updates by the SPAWAR Small Business Director from the NDIA Small Business Roundtable regarding the date and acquisition strategy.

Download Your Seaport-NxG Update

2018 Seaport NxG