Whirlwind Webinar Series:

Key Performance Indicators that Every BD Leader Needs

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Given the cyclical nature of government contracts, knowing and understanding your pipeline is crucial to your company’s longevity. It’s never enough just to track opportunities you’ve won; you need to be prepared for the time when those contracts will end, and to have your eye on what comes next. Having a robust pipeline matters – as does knowing how to read and interpret the KPIs related to your pipeline. The webinar will help you build and track key performance indicators such as:

  • How many new opportunities do I need to track to maintain my current win ratio/level of business?
  • Where is my BD team succeeding (or failing) to engage in the right new opportunities? Are they providing the right details we need for true quality metrics?
  • Do I need to expand my reach to new agencies or domains?
  • What should I do to prepare for when I lose my Small Business Set-Aside?

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