giving someone a bag of money Building a successful 8(a) company is a challenge in the Government Contracting arena. Small companies require market intelligence, business development, and proposal management solutions in order to have a competitive advantage. However, the costs associated with those tools often cost far more than their worth. To add insult to injury, as 8(a) companies begin to outgrow their 8(a) status, it is essential to have these business development tools and capture and proposal processes in place to compete for non-8(a) set asides.

Capture2Proposal came to be to overcome those exact problems that 8(a) businesses persistently deal with. Capture2Proposal is a revolutionary business intelligence, capture, and proposal management solution in one secure, collaborative, and customizable platform. Recently, Team Capture2 reached out to some of our 8(a) companies to better understand how C2P helped their companies spend less time, less money, and win more business.

An All-in-One Government Market Intelligence Solution for Best Price/Performance Ratio.

Purchasing one platform for your business development needs and another for your proposal management needs, and yet another for your scheduling and tasking requirements is unsustainable. It is expensive, nearly impossible to integrate, and too difficult for companies to adopt. C2P recognizes these hurdles and integrates all of your business development, capture and proposal needs into one place. Furthermore, with the focus on government contracting, C2P is fully DFARS/NIST-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about whether your system meets federal security requirements.

“Capture2Proposal is an extremely valuable tool to 8(a) business. Since incorporating Capture2Proposal into our business development process, our company has been more competitive, more efficient and most importantly has won more business! C2P’s opportunity-centric market intelligence has empowered CTE to identify relevant opportunities, ultimately resulting in winning business with new customers.”

– Eugene Tinker CEO, Certified Technical Experts, Inc.

With C2P:

  • Build a robust pipeline using C2P’s integrated business intelligence and pipeline management tools. C2P make it easy to identify opportunities, add them to the pipeline and then manage their capture all the way through proposal submission.
  • Customize views, create reports, and share vital information with your BD team using C2P’s versatile pipeline management.
  • Gain access to competitors’ spending on a contract and identify incumbent points of contact.
  • Use C2P’s real-time dashboard to easily add points of contact and manage NDAs & TAs.
  • Stay up-to-date on opportunity status, calculate PWin, and set up custom data fields that align C2P to your business development processes.
  • In one click, invite participants, issue data calls, and conduct color team reviews using C2P’s DFARS/NIST-compliant document collaboration tools.
  • Merge all document revisions and comments in just minutes with C2P’s Document Merge feature, saving time for color team review reset efforts.

C2P Aligns with Your Ever-Evolving Business Development and Capture Processes

As any small business grows, their business development and capture processes advance. C2P’s custom capture feature empowers customers to easily add additional data elements and fine tune their business development process to keep pace with their evolution.

Through this approach, 8(a) companies get all the advantages of a customized solution without paying hidden fees.

Responsive to the Needs of All Our Customers

C2P’s growth has always been attributed to providing new features that meet the needs of the business. Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount. Unlike any Government Market Intelligence solution on the market, C2P provides customers with an assigned Customer Success representative.

“Capture2Proposal has helped us quantifiably grow our business and has been exceptionally responsive to our evolving requirements as our business has grown. They were able to integrate recommended features quickly into their offering making them even more relevant to A3 Systems’ operations.”

– Aubrey Hinds President & CEO, A3 Systems Corporation

C2P’s Customer Success team interfaces proactively with every customer to gain helpful feedback on how to improve our platform. As a result, engineers at Capture2 release new features and enhancements based upon that very feedback every single month. For example, Capture2’s 8(a) and socio-disadvantaged customers wanted to easily identify and contact small business advocates. In response, C2P now provides the largest directory of small business advocates on the market, allowing customers to review an opportunity and the small business advocates for the agency/customer.

Ebony Tomas, C2P’s Senior Customer Success Manager, highlights how C2P’s Customer Success team assists 8(a)’s in using C2P to effectively identify and win business. “The Customer Success team spends the time to develop a solid profile of its customers. From there we work with the customers to align C2P to best support their business development processes. We pride ourselves in knowing the needs of our customers and optimizing their success on C2P.”

“C2P has helped Optimized Technical Solutions identify and research opportunities more effectively, providing us with information that would be hard to find on our own without more manpower. Our customer success manager is extremely responsive, setting the bar for end-to-end support. C2P is a great tool, giving our company the information required to make smart pursuit decisions.”

– Granita Griffin, CEO Optimized Technical Solutions, Inc.

C2P’s Machine Learning Allow 8(a)s to Utilize their Time and Resources more Effectively

Having all the resources required to effectively identity new business opportunities is a challenge. C2P’s machine-learning model, GovAI™, makes the process easier. It suggests relevant opportunities based on your company’s pipeline and feedback, significantly reducing hunting time. GovAI™ identifies new forecasted and Pre-RFP opportunities to provide companies with sufficient runway to execute an effective capture strategy. As always, C2P will ease the process by helping you collect and store all of your capture, bid, proposal intelligence and artifacts in a single, secure, DFARS/NIST-compliant location.

“Capture2Proposal is a business intelligence solution that has helped us streamline our BD process. The service scope AI feature has truly been beneficial for our company in identifying new opportunities for TM3 that otherwise might have been missed. C2P is foundational tool for success!”

– Thomas Moore, President at TM3 Solutions, Inc.

Capture2Proposal is the industry’s first end-to-end solution addresses all these needs with specialized pricing to give 8(a) companies the same capabilities offered to C2P’s larger customers. It is a business development and capture solution that will not hinder their growth but embolden it.