A Storm Rolls In…

West 2019 Capture2 booth

Passerby’s stop to see a demo and chat with Team Capture2

AFCEA West 2019 stormed into San Diego last week and swept through the streets of downtown.   Or maybe that was the massive amount of rain that coincided with the convention… either way, the storm was weathered and now we’re out the other side reflecting upon the great success and business that was done in those three short days.

Capture2 came out in full force, providing demos, talking solutions, and exploring unique feature capabilities with current customers and prospects alike. It’s a small world at these conventions, one where you undoubtedly see so many familiar faces, and yet, you always walk away meeting so many new individuals.  We were pleased to bump into old friends and colleagues and meet new ones along the way.

To kick things off the proper way for West 2019, Team Capture2 hosted a happy hour co-sponsored with Trident Proposal Management.  We were honored to have our funding partner, Paul Leggett, Managing Director at Mithril Capital Management, fly down from San Francisco to attend our event and meet with our guests. Amidst Leggett’s one-on-one conversations with our guests, he took a few minutes to address the whole crowd who joined us that evening.  Leggett has long believed that the Federal procurement system should be accessible to any person or business, and companies should be able to focus their energy on their products, not the complexity of finding and winning contracts.  That is why Mithril Capital Management, he explained, invested in Capture2Proposal (C2P).  He went on to describe how C2P is a software that is turning a muddy and multi-faceted process into an aerodynamic, all-encompassing tool.

Paul Leggett addressing a crowd

Paul Leggett, Mithril Capital Management, addresses the crowd.

Mithril Capital Management sees success in a concept, even far before it manifests into a product or service.  I could say we’re incredibly lucky that Mithril saw the ‘light’ in our product, but the truth is- it may not be luck as much as the hard work, determination, long hours, and inspiration that our team has put into Capture2Proposal.

Today, more than yesterday but less than tomorrow, Capture2Proposal is breaking down the constructs of decades-old capture and proposal management software solutions. Each day, we listen to our customers, we expand our feature sets, we improve our processes, and make our product a better solution for you and your company.

We’re excited to continue meeting you at conventions in the future and we’ll let you know where we land next! Don’t forget- you don’t need to wait until the next convention to chat with us in person. If you have any idea, a concern, a comment, or a wish you would like to share, reach out to us directly! We are always here for you.