Capture2Proposal Whirlwind Webinar Series:

Upgrading Your Task Order Management Process in the New Year

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With the new year comes many new and exciting contract opportunities. With quick deadlines and multiple different portals, selecting task orders from IDIQs, GWACs, and other Federal agency contract vehicles can be challenging. How can you streamline your to do list and securely share contract opportunities with teammates in one seamless solution?

Consolidate your operations in one portal with Capture2Proposal’s Task Order Management automation feature. Our AI/ML engine smartly ingests and shifts through contract and TOR information. From Contracting Officer emails, agency portals, and other sources, Capture2Proposal’s secure, unified data model and repository work to identify opportunities that are right for you. This automation feature makes integrated information instantly available for securely sharing and collaborating with your entire sales and capture teammates during the pursuit lifecycle.  

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Capture2Proposal’s Task Order Management tool allows you to:

  • Securely & Automatically Ingest IDIQ/GWAC/FSS Task Order Information from Portals and Emails
  • Enhance TO Intelligence – GovAI links incumbent performance, POC, agency information, etc.
  • Relevant Task Order Opportunities Notification – C2P’s powerful intelligent search engine scans opportunity descriptions and documents as they pop up, identifying relevant opportunities and notifying you via alerts 
  • Accelerate Secure Collaboration with Teammates – Hosted on the GovCloud, C2P’s FedRAMP/CMMC L2/DRARS 7012 Compliant Solution with GCC/GCC High MS Teams Integration makes collaboration fast, secure, and easy
  • Gain Complete Pipeline Visibility with a Single Source of Truth 

Join Capture2Proposal’s CEO Christopher Pohle to hear how our solution can help enhance your contract vehicle opportunity pipeline all in one secure platform. Register now!

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