As a government contractor, you will notice there are a number of ways to search for Federal opportunities. Of the commercial offerings, Deltek GovWin IQ is perhaps the best known, but Capture2Proposal is rapidly displacing GovWin as the most capable solution for GovCon business development teams, integrating marketing intelligence, capture and proposal management in one system.

Realtime Information and Notifications through Automation

Organizations who chose Capture2Proposal over GovWin tell us that GovWin was not providing them with comprehensive, up-to-date, or actionable intelligence. Capture2Proposal provides real-time opportunity identification, analytics, and enhanced resources enabling users to forecast procurement trends, determine price-to-win, and manage pipeline across all sources of opportunity. Capture2Proposal leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing supported by a team of human analysts to identify more opportunities and earlier than competitors. These opportunities are automatically matched to your business development history and capabilities, and the matching is refined based on your individual feedback, with real-time alerts.

The Alternative to GovWin

Show Me How Many More Opportunities!

Recent analysis (September 2020) of Pre-RFP Opportunities in the ‘hot’ market segments listed below demonstrated the Capture2Proposal advantage over GovWin.

Capture2Proposal GovWin IQ Capture2Proposal Advantage
Software Engineering 492 311 158%
Cyber Security 1,014 502 202%
Information Technology 4,192 1,420 295%
Engineering Support 1,106 518 196%
Application Development 274 241 114%
Policy Development 164 89 184%

Overall, Capture2Proposal identified 179% more Set-Aside opportunities.

Why is Integration of Marketing Intelligence with Capture Management in One System Important? In addition to identifying more Pre-RFP Opportunities and earlier, Capture2Proposal offers an integrated software suite for business development teams spanning market intelligence, capture and proposal management, whereas GovWin requires data to be exported to other systems. This means that as opportunity information changes during pursuit, BD teams using GovWin or other systems that are not fully integrated, will have different versions of the truth based on these disparate systems, causing errors, rework and missed opportunities.

Pricing and What is Included in the Standard Offering

GovWin is widely recognized as being expensive for small and mid-sized organizations. Furthermore, a number of key features such as Task Order awards, PWin and Opportunity Assessment, and external integrations (such as GSA eBuy), each involve additional, substantial fees with GovWin. Capture2Proposal provides these capabilities and more in one integrated system at no additional cost.

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