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Power Better BD Decisions with Next-Gen Gov Spending Analytics

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Meet GovCon’s Leading Analytics Platform for Better BD Decision Making

GovCons want answers to questions, such as “What are the top three contract vehicles my target customer is spending the most money on for artificial intelligence or cyber security or quantum encryption work?” 

Today’s GovCons are limited to pre-built reports siloed by contract vehicle, contract, vendor, and agency groupings offered by outdated, status-quo, legacy systems. These static reports, constrained by generalized award elements such as NAICS, lack the granularity to easily support business decisions. In response, C2P has released Next-Gen Government Spending Analytics providing GovCons with flexible, granular, and actionable analytical insights not offered by ANY other market intelligence provider. 

Download this webinar replay to learn how C2P’s new analytic capability empowers GovCon BD/Capture professionals to:   

  • Create custom analytic visualizations filtering against agency, vendor, contract vehicle, award, and work scope elements from corresponding solicitation in one view.
  • Conduct deep dive analysis using words or phrases (e.g., risk management framework) to generate reports relevant to the services your company provides. 
  • Transition from research to opportunity evaluation with one-click drilldown from analytics to relevant opportunities, added to your pipeline. 

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