Pipeline Analytics Dashboard:
Determine how your activities affect your results

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Visualize your GovCon growth KPIs using live pipeline data, any time!

Whether for large or small government sales and growth teams, pursuit management can include a pipeline with many fast-moving, quickly changing opportunities with all kinds of stakeholders, dependencies and resource details. For experienced GovCon sales and BD managers, a complex, dynamic pipeline isn’t something new – it’s something that’s getting more and more difficult to manage as the scale and options for government procurement increase, every fiscal year.

Capture2Proposal has a new tool to help BD sales managers manage this complexity and change, for the highest PWin across the most pipeline growth and ultimately, contract wins. Announcing the C2P Pipeline Analytics Dashboard!

Key Value Propositions

Added Visibility Into Your KPIs

Add, review, compare data on your pipeline! Summarize by award value, Pwin score, or any other numeric or currency field type

Share & Collaborate

Share graphs with your team to keep everyone on the same page

Easy Custom Graph Development

Used in conjunction with pipeline filters you can view data on any dashboard segment you wish to see

Capture2Proposal Pipeline Value

Visualize Your Team’s Dashboard

      Our pipeline product features an entire suite of customizable analytics and rich visualization tools, for dynamic, online sales pipeline status and reporting – teamwide. GovCon BD Managers, Directors, VPs can roll up and visually share information from the pipeline critical to their department, portfolio and corporate financial reviews – data that matters most to them. This is a meta-aggregation of quad-chart data and trends, including generation of a standardized or custom dashboard for real-time updates of forecast and actual TCV, bookings, B&P spend, sales and capture expense budgets, gate review status and stage progression.
Capture2Proposal Pipeline Dashboard
  • Set up custom-tailored graph components for your key metrics using data from both our out-of-the-box fields and your Custom Capture options for endless combinations
  • Choose from multiple graph formats, label, legend and other view options
  • Save your components for easy access whenever you need them
  • Filter your pipeline and the graph will respond to show the correct data based on your current pipeline view – clear the filter and the graph will update again
  • Managers can share graphs with their teams to keep everyone on the same page
  • Hide or display the dashboard components on the pipeline page based on your current view needs

The popular “Stats at a Glance” feature highlights KPIs most repeatedly used and requested by our own customers. Nearly all data fields available in our opportunity, capture and proposal management database can be used or customized for graphical tracking, such as set-aside type, facility clearance, acquisition status and capture manager. Business Developers on the team can use the analytics dashboard to chart their own progress and opportunities, and to compare their performance to others in their division or among community peers.

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