Whirlwind Webinar Series:

Opportunity-Centric Intelligence for Government Contractors

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Lacking key information to effectively evaluate contract opportunities? Watch this webinar for an interactive webinar covering Capture2Proposal’s Opportunity-Centric Intelligence for Government Contractors. To maximize your chance to win it is critically important to be able to evaluate an opportunity throughout the entire acquisition life cycle with a single view of the solicitation, awards, agency forecasts, industry briefs, analyst updates, AND your own capture data.

This webinar will highlight how Capture2Proposal supports the process for creating and tracking opportunities, including new capabilities for identifying unique opportunities, and how to take advantage of Capture2Proposal’s opportunity-centric intelligence with automated data feeds combined with updates from human analysts, integrated with your own custom capture data.

Specifically, we’ll cover how users can:

  • Quickly identify new and future contract opportunities
  • Aggregate pertinent data from both automated feeds and human analysts
  • Seamlessly integrate critical market insights with your existing capture data

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