Leveraging GovAI™, Capture2Proposal (C2P) expands Task Order Management capabilities to ingest and transform Task Order Request (TOR) emails and their attachments into collaborative intelligence for the whole pursuit team.

Contract Vehicle Managers (CVMs), whether responsible for a single or entire portfolio of IDIQs, GWACs, FSSs must shift through various emails to identify relevant TORs. Adding insult to injury, once an opportunity is identified, more work is yet to come. CVMs must manually hand jam, re-enter and re-upload files into separate collaboration and tracking tools, before they’re accessible to everyone in the capture and proposal lifecycle. Alternatively, smaller companies rely on forwarding emails to their teammates – limiting collaboration and integrated analysis. Ultimately, this slow and dated approach hinders an organization’s ability to compete and win the TO. 

  • How can contractors modernize their approach and consolidate their solutions to find and win more contracts, while spending less time and money? 
  • How do contract vehicle managers and their teams find relief, increasing PWin, in a one-stop shop?
  • How does leadership get near real time life-cycle status of both contract vehicle and non-contract vehicle opportunities?

Goodbye Manual Entry, Hello Reliable Automation

C2P’s Task Order Management Tool can help, with new software features within the industry’s only fully integrated GovCon sales & contract opportunity pursuit platform.

C2P continues to evolve our offerings by introducing a Federal Task Order Management tool based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), a technology built into our proprietary GovAI(™) platform. NLP is woven throughout our fully integrated market research, CRM, capture and proposal management SaaS platform.

One product, for the whole pursuit team.

C2P’s Task Order Management Tool reduces hand jamming of contract vehicle and TO data, significantly improving and accelerating collaboration with teammates.

Any barriers that delay TO response time ultimately impact the likelihood of your company submitting the winning bid. Our intelligent TO management tool sorts and aggregates critical information from the most complex TO emails and attachments, such as those from OASIS, RS3, and DLA JETS. No need for contract vehicle managers to slow down the decision process with hours of data hand jamming.

Instead, contract and TO information is automatically ingested from Contracting Officer emails directly into the C2P unified data model and repository, making it instantly available for sharing and collaboration with your entire team across the pursuit lifecycle. This also eliminates the need for CVMs to manually distribute the information and track interest across the organization, addressing a full range of TOR scenarios from new small businesses with their first IDIQ as a prime contractor, to larger organizations managing multiple IDIQ, GWAC and FSS opportunities.

In addition to quickly sharing and responding to TOs, the C2P integrated platform allows users to utilize TO information and developed TOR data to inform related capture and business development opportunities. Some uses include comparing the TO against other opportunities in sales pipelines, researching incumbent activities, and updating quarterly growth targets. Big picture – this always-on software filters and monitors communication and content across your whole portfolio of contract vehicles.

Roll-Up Reports, Ready When You Are

Due to the dated, multi-platform or “plug-in” nature of other TO management solutions, reporting and tracking data across the full lifecycle of a response is a time-consuming, headache-inducing exercise. Lacking market intelligence capabilities and advanced pipeline analytics, these other platforms make the contract vehicle and task order manager’s ability to operate and report out next to impossible.

From opportunity identification to the contract award, C2P modernizes the traditional multi-platform approach with a single streamlined platform that supports the full procurement lifecycle. With market research, CRM, capture and proposal management, and more in one platform you can generate real-time informative, visual analytics and roll up reports in just a few clicks. Get award-winning, professional, secure onshore support directly from our engineering and customer support teams for problems or education.

Find out more today about this unique addition to our industry-leading, AI-infused suite of GovCon opportunity search, pursuit and capture management software tools. The only suite of its kind fully hosted, delivered and supported in the U.S. by vetted American citizens, compliant with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 security protocols and supporting upcoming CMMC audit requirements for DoD contractors.