Whirlwind Webinar Series:

Refining Your BD Search Techniques

Presented by Capture2, Inc.

Proper search techniques are a skill that every good business developer needs to master. After all, you can only bid on the opportunities you know.

Join Capture2 for an informative webinar sharing some of our secrets of the search. Tell us the search you’d like to see featured in the webinar, and we will select from some of our participant suggestions to make the results relevant to you.

View this webinar recording to see how C2P will help you:


Form broad search queries that net the newest opportunities.


Find that “needle in the haystack” opportunity that you know exists, but that defies all of your attempts to find it.


Use Capture2Proposal’s narrowing function to see where more information yields better results, and where it does not.


Save the best searches so that you can repeat the search on new opportunities without having to enter all the data once again.

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