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“I used the proposal process to manage the reviews for the first time. The merge feature gets my five star rating. It generally takes us hours, sometimes with mistakes and omissions to compile everyone’s edits and comments. C2P’s merge feature did it with total accuracy within a couple of minutes! This is an amazing functionality!

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Accelerate your Proposal Review Process with C2P’s proposal document merge capability. Easily merge comments and edits from various writers to quickly move into color team recovery. Color team reviews (e.g., Red Team or Blue Team reviews) are significant milestones in the proposal management process. Though color team reviews are time consuming, they cannot be avoided, and instead need to be performed in the most efficient manner. Therefore, the Capture2 Team developed the document merge capability to eliminate the time to reset from color review. Merge comments and edits from multiple reviewers into one document in minutes with a few clicks.

Merge comments and edits from various writers into one document with a few clicks

Consolidate Proposal Edits Automatically

Just select the responses from the reviewers, click merge, and C2P’s Proposal Document Merge feature consolidates edits and comments from reviewers automatically.

Color team reviews are significant milestones in the proposal management process and can require significant time and resources. However, C2P’s Proposal Document Merge feature ensures that your time is focused on crafting a great proposal, rather than spending time consolidating edits and comments from multiple reviewers. The Document Merge feature is available for use in all of the C2P Document folders.

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