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Security & Compliance

A fully integrated platform designed by federal contractors for a better way of working and winning.
Rolls Royce

Near Real-time, 360º Intelligence

More intel, faster. Win more and avoid  surprises.

Much more than a bid-scraper, Capture2Proposal GovAI™ dynamically integrates data from agency forecasts, RFI’s, RFP’s, solicitation documents, multiple portals and more using high performance, highly secure GovCloud resources.  The output is a single “live opportunity” record that is searchable (along with all documents) with critical data automatically populated in key fields.
Capture2Proposal is the central backbone of our Business Development organization and has been vital to WWC Global identifying and winning $200M+ of new business.
Andreh Haftvani

Vice President of Strategic Growth

Unique Win Mapping

Set a capture strategy. Track where you stand.

C2P is the only solution to allow advanced overlay integration of your planning and intelligence with market opportunity intel. What does this mean? Let’s say your strategy is to influence a task order to go SDVOSB – in two clicks, C2P records this. A month later an RFI is released indicating desired interest from 8a contractors. C2P identifies the conflict between your strategy and the RFI, real-time alerts you, and highlights the difference. Adjust your capture strategy or tactics to win – and stop getting blindsided.
We’ve tried or evaluated nearly every tool on the market, and C2P is one of the only ones which is obviously developed by a team who truly understands the Government Contracting world. Even better, they use the most advanced technologies with a dead-simple user interface. On top of all of this, their support team is incredibly responsive to any need or question you may have. C2P is an absolute gem.
Micah Zimmerman

Pipeline Manager (Business Development Specialist),

More Wins, Less Work

Better Opps + Analytics + GovCon OS

Find more high PWIN, relevant opportunities and waste less time on poor fits. Natively integrated, advanced analytics at your fingertips – find Pre-RFP’s, get proven partners, garner unique insights and develop the best win themes. C2P’s GovCon OS has been designed from the ground up to give you effective operations without the bloat, complexity or integration issues of competing solutions. Manage and track everything you care about from one location – with key time saving automations.
We’ve been very impressed with Capture2Proposal as our pipeline management and opportunity intel system. The transition was pretty seamless, and we’re able to replace both our pipeline management system and GovWin licenses with Capture2Proposal, generating a net savings while significantly improving our opportunity management efficiency and intel capabilities.
Michael Douglass


“Live” Opportunities

Avoid stale, incomplete intel where you need it most

One click conversion to opportunities – but automatic, near-real time intelligence continues. Let’s say an RFI is released and you add it to your pipeline. Months later, the RFP comes out. GovAI™ automatically merges the RFI into the RFP, resolves conflicts in key acquisition fields (eg., RFI indicated Best Value, but RFP indicates LPTA), appends solicitation documents, triggers an alert and updates your pipeline. Beat your competitors, who are trying to determine which updates are related to the RFI, conflict managing and manually merging.
Capture2Proposal is an extremely valuable tool to 8(a) business. Since incorporating Capture2Proposal into our business development process, our company has been more competitive, more efficient and most importantly has won more business! C2P’s opportunity-centric market intelligence has empowered CTE to identify relevant opportunities, ultimately resulting in winning business with new customers.
Eugene Tinker


Superior Analytics

Better Opps + Analytics + GovCon Data Lake

Capture2Proposal spent over 18 months developing its GovCon Big Data Analytics Engine specifically for GovCon. It uses a best-in-class analytics engine, massive, uniquely linked govcon and award datasets and high-performance, secure Azure GovCloud compute to return critical answers in seconds. There is nothing like it in the industry. Analytics are infinitely configurable, letting you answer all your bid decision, competitor, pricing, costing, win theme and teaming questions.
DarkStar uses the spending analytics, particularly when the C2P platform has the existing contract incumbents identified, to consider price points and make bid decisions based on the magnitude and potential revenue stream. When considering teammates, we’ll often look at the revenue streams they’ve enjoyed in the Analytics tab, to make certain they are accustomed to operating at similar magnitudes of opportunities we are pursuing.
Jerad Myers

Director of BD

Real Pipeline Management

Don’t settle for a pipeline view or report

Centralized view of your ENTIRE pipeline and easy drill-down to what matters. Who’s managing what, current status, where you’re ahead or behind, vehicles – any way you want. Alerts and updates in near real-time. One-click access to incumbent data, competitors, and unique Govcon Big Data Analytics, providing a true 360º view. Compare strategy to actual for intel that matters most. All the actionable data you need to make immediate decisions. Don’t settle for a “pipeline report.”
With the Capture2Proposal platform all opportunities, whatever the source, are visible in one place and with pipeline analytics makes it easy to prioritize and drive decisions. We avoid the frustration of looking in multiple places.
Jeff Stitzel

Chief Strategy Officer