An extremely important opportunity and benefit to both Federal job seekers and hiring managers was introduced by President Trump in a recent (June 26) Executive Order on Modernizing and Reforming the Assessment and Hiring of Federal Job Candidates. No longer will all civilian positions in the Federal Government require a college degree – instead, the Administration has directed the Office of Personnel Management within 6 months to revise job qualifications pursuant to the EO.

This is beneficial not only to Americans with significant skills and merit developed at work or on their own – regardless of socio-economic status – but also to the ex-military population with a wide range of demonstrable tactical and professional skills. So many in these situations may also now be encountering significant roadblocks in the pathway to employment, given delays and uncertainties in school and business reopening after the pandemic.

The EO is additionally well-timed with respect to the very fast-growing acceptance, availability and agility of online education – particularly for Information Technology (IT) professionals. Those used to fast-paced, technical learning environments – as experienced in the military for example – tend to do better in skills- and competency-based evaluation, directly applying their experience. Such hands-on experience in emerging technologies, as well as the real-world risks, challenges and choices that accompany this work, is usually not available in virtual or physical college classrooms.

Capture2Proposal has long taken a similar approach to merit-based hiring of US citizens and ex-military personnel, focusing on fit-for-purpose skills, capabilities and experiences that directly benefit our growth and success as a leading GovCon SaaS provider. We look forward to working with so many more accomplished IT professionals enabled by this EO to enter the Federal workforce, engage with and at times join the rapidly-growing GovCon community searching for great talent.