Market Outlook Report:


Prepared by Capture2, Inc.

If you’re a government contractor working in the IT field, you probably know about Polaris, GSA’s new GWAC for small businesses. This GWAC will update/replace the Alliant 2 SB vehicle that had to was subjected to so many protests that GSA was required to rescind all awards on that vehicle in 2019, and cancelled it completely in 2020. While Polaris will not be an exact replacement for Alliant 2 SB, background on the Alliant contracts will be important to understanding this new vehicle.

The report includes sections such as:


Facts You Should Know – providing a summary and background to Polaris.


Key Analytics – points of interest based on previous Alliant vehicles as well as current companies in the key domain for Polaris.


Preparing Your Proposal – including a Checklist to ensure you’re taking all the right steps and completing all the necessary paperwork in advance.


Organizations To Track – 50 companies to watch for in each of the three planned pools.

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