Government Market Intelligence RFP Searches

How do you find the needle in the haystack? Where do you start with searching through the many millions of Federal Government procurement documents and data sources? How do you identify those ‘needles’ that match your business and get them vetted and in your sales pipeline?

The quality and timeliness of your competitive market intelligence can be the determining factor whether you grow, stagnate or decline. If you want effective, high quality, competitive GovCon business market intelligence, then finding a way to get these insights from Federal Government procurement data is essential: enabling you to discover more relevant opportunities, and earlier.

At Capture2Proposal, we have mastered the art of wrangling nearly 12 million procurement-related documents sourced in near real-time from Federal government contracts databases. Our Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools can search beyond keywords and phrases to subject patterns, insight and understanding within and among opportunities – thus yielding the most relevant and useful information for your GovCon pipeline.  Without an intelligent search engine, you would need to manually search with lists of keywords through opportunity titles and descriptions, download them, and evaluate them to see how well the work fits your core capabilities. And you would need to do this within EACH Federal contracts RFP database. To make matters worse, some opportunities can be completely missed in your RFP search, when the scope is buried within the opportunity documents, references and attachments. And if a document uses terms that are not included in the list of keywords you search with, opportunities can also be missed. By taming these enormous volumes of unstructured data, we make it much easier to identify meaningful government opportunities and RFP market intelligence that enable you to compete.

Take, for example, a company that specializes in Supply Chain Management for helicopters. Consider the results of the following searches:

  1. Entering the two terms “supply chain” and “helicopters” returns over 40,000 separate opportunities. A result set like this is too big to be useful.
  2. Now, add a Boolean (AND, OR, or NOT condition). Search “supply chain” AND “helicopter”: With a smart search engine like Capture2Proposal, this refines your competitive intelligence to around 300 targeted opportunities.
  3. These opportunities include not only where these 2 keywords are found together, but additional opportunities the NLP engine understands are often related – including other rotating wing vehicles (like Ospreys), supply chain security (a very popular need right now), and opportunities requiring operational logistics help (commonly associated with supply chain products).

The competitive intelligence landscape in this example began with nearly 12 million documents. But by applying NLP to this big data challenge, Capture2Proposal’s business intelligence RFP search engine identified 300 highly-relevant opportunities that contain the search terms and related concepts. Phrases or language including these terms and concepts are either in the opportunity title, synopsis or buried in any of the associated documents. Now, scrolling through the search results, a user can quickly identify potential opportunities.


Government Market Intelligence RFP Searches
A Business Development Manager will likely start putting together capability briefs for these new potential customers: Army, Navy, Air Force, and DHS. In the search results, Capture2Proposal highlights where the keywords, phrases and related language are located without downloading, opening and searching all the files in each opportunity individually. But to do a good competitive analysis, additional refinement is needed. Not all of those 300 opportunities are going to fit your needs right now. The Business Development Manager can narrow the search further using Capture2Proposal’s filter sidebar within the search results to identify:
  1. Opportunities in pre-solicitation status,
  2. Those that are expiring in 18 months to a year out,
  3. Any Set-Aside status that applies to your company (e.g. Small Business, 8(a), Service Disabled, etc.)

Now, the BD Manager can simply identify the targets and easily adds them to their C2P BD pipeline. Then they plan, watch for movement, and when it’s time, they take their best shot with a well-prepared proposal. Capture2’s NLP capabilities help every step of the way, by not only processing the Big Data used to power the search, but also by providing easy access to the incumbent opportunity for follow-on work, and straight-forward analytics showing the incumbent awardees, the tasks orders, and modifications that were completed under the incumbent contract.

Managing the Hunt with Competitive Intelligence

Capture2Proposal helps you navigate pipeline opportunities with real time government contract data. With the number of Government RFPs that are released each year, it’s a wise business investment to have a tool that extracts for you only the relevant information from the vast universe of Federal procurement data.

Contact us for more information on our government contract database and opportunity search engine.

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