Automated Government Bid Capture Status & Gate Review Reports

During the course of the government contract bid and capture management process, business development (BD), sales and/or capture managers must share and review their status with other decision-makers. Whether the report and review is part of a go/no-go decision, a capture gate review, or an investment assessment, the report must accurately reflect a lot of information and data collected as part of the BD and sales process. This recurring activity take a lot of time and effort in most GovCon organizations, and is usually a very manual effort using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, emails and meetings. Often, the data can be inaccurate or aged, or lacking collaborative input. This makes it harder to track and share GovCon leads and business development pipeline management information across the team and partners.

Auto-Generate PowerPoint Gate Reviews

Capture2Proposal now offers a GovCon Auto Capture Review report, automatically generating in real-time the materials GovCon sales, BD and capture manager teams need to report their pursuit status and get the decisions or resources they need. Using the Admin Console, authorized users will have the ability to load Word or PowerPoint templates (e.g., Bid/No Bid PowerPoint or Capture Status Quad Chart; NDAs and TAs soon) to their account and map both Opportunity and Customer Capture data fields (e.g., Opportunity Title, Competitor Assessment, etc.) to the selected template. Capture Managers will have the ability to click a button to dynamically generate a report with real-time information from the opportunity.

At that point, the Capture Manager can edit and share the data-populated report to anyone. Traditionally, Capture Managers have to constantly brief executive management on their opportunities, so these reports will significantly reduce the time, effort and resources spent developing standard-formatted documents with unique data for these briefings.

Decrease Time and Effort for GovCon Capture, Bid and Proposal Teams

The Capture2Proposal GovCon Auto Capture Review report tool is a feature driven by the expertise and success of many of our customers, who regularly save time and money better used in pipeline build, pursuit management and client engagement. It’s just one of many features in an AI-infused government contract pipeline tool perfectly appropriate for your business size, staff, and level of sophistication

“Part of the business development process is to brief your internal team in a gate review setting. The process is rather repetitive in the sense of the information you compile and the research you have to do. Typically, we compile gate review “decks” to present and get approval internal from contracts, finance, c-suite, and the VP of business development. Unfortunately, these efforts can all be different with different spend and budget values, POCs, contract numbers, solution elements, contract dates, etc. Sometimes, we have to brief 4-5 Powerpoint decks while the information is already compiled in our CRM tool. This process can sometimes take 4 hours to do 4-5 decks accurately and honestly is just grueling – particularly when acting fast to deal with multiple TOs, RFIs, RFQs, OTAs or other short turnaround solicitations. By having a button to auto-populate a chosen deck, which we use frequently as a baseline, we can now cut down that 4 hours to maybe 1 hr. All we have to do is finalize each deck with the details but overall the deck is done. I am so excited to be able to utilize this feature in the featured release, and it will give me more time to find more GovCon RFI & RFPs and to close the deals!”

– Capture2Proposal Federal Capture Management Customer


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