Leadership in the GovCon software market is often recognized among industry leaders as a benefit to customers, particularly when competitors are showcased in digital advertising and marketing.

Capture2Proposal (C2P) is well known to thousands of satisfied GovCon customers as a trusted Fed bids source and opportunity aggregator, with its affordable, AI-based government sales, BD and comprehensive marketing intelligence platform. It offers unmatched opportunity intel, agency profiles, key trends & patterns, daily updated bids – as well as automated pipeline and capture management reporting, DFARS-secure proposal document storage and collaboration, plus integrated government sales CRM features.

Discover why Deltek’s GovWin IQ advertises to GovCon capture managers, proposal managers, and business developers looking for Capture2ProposalGovCon’s Leading Market Intelligence and Pursuit Platform.

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“Planning beyond the proposal with market intelligence” is indeed a strength, and C2P’s value extends much further for the GovCon sales and growth team – much further than the FedBizOpps sam.gov replacement Fed bid opportunity database. Using the secure, integrated Capture2Proposal cloud services, AI tools and Fed opps expert team resources will reduce costs, save time, find and win more RFPs, IDIQs and other procurements across the Federal, state and local acquisition community.

Discover more GovWin recognized value in Capture2Proposal govcon market intelligence, CRM, capture and proposal management services.

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