The Capitol building Today we announced some pretty awesome new capabilities for capture and business development managers that are designed to make some of the more onerous parts of the BD process a bit easier.  The short version for the TLDR crowd is that we are delivering quite a few new capabilities focused on our government contracting clients and are hosting a webinar on Thursday 7 June 2018 for anyone interested to come and learn more.  We’re going to demonstrate them but are also quite happy to show any of them off 1:1 as well.

  • ServiceScope – the Capture2Proposal system sends email alerts and notifications as new business opportunities are identified that fit your past performance and your pipeline.  The system adapts and as you provide feedback on which opportunities you like/loathe. We learn and automatically tune the recommendation algorithm.  We often quip that the days of ‘Capture via Carpal Tunnel’ from scrolling through 1000s of potential opportunities are nearing their end.
  • Sonar – once you identify an opportunity that you ‘like’ we then automatically identify potential teammates for you based on your past performance and the business opportunities requirements.  You can down-select based on socioeconomic status, and how much work they have done with the agency/command.  We believe this will be useful for finding subcontracting teammates, for subs looking for primes who are likely to compete, and for determining who your competitors are for your Black Hat reviews.
  • Contractor Analytics – once we drill down to a specific government contractor we identify their past performance, awards/obligations, and how much they are billing down to a TO and Mod level.  This is proving very useful for providing a bit more insight into potential teammates and also helping in early M&A analysis.


Why Capture2?

As I am sitting here writing this, somewhat bleary-eyed and definitely in need of checking in with my optometrist (why is the right eye blurrier than the left…  time for new glasses, the joys of being in my mid-40s…) I realized for all the talk of new features and capabilities we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about what we are trying to achieve through the mid-term and why we are building this company and our product.  (I’ve watched the Simon Sinek YouTube videos enough to know that I need to ‘Start With Why’)

Our belief is pretty simple – we believe that one of the main things that perpetuates a disparity between small and large businesses in government contracting is the information advantage the larger firms have.  We also believe that any time a human writes a document there is sentiment and often there are patterns.  Patterns that indicate a preference for an incumbent or the desire for a challenger.  We also believe that successful capture requires years and that by combining historical recompetes, agency long-range forecasts, and using the latest natural language processing capabilities we can create an accurate and comprehensive data model that can help our clients find new opportunities they may otherwise have missed and engage with Government earlier in the process to shape the contract towards a winning outcome.

Chris and I have been building out our roadmap and every time we talk to another great customer there are more ideas that make the list – it is amazing what we can build with a great team, creative product types, and wonderful clients who yearn for innovation in this market.

Thank you for your time and Happy Hunting!