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Case Study: Capture2

Ask any business development manager who chases government contracts, and they’ll agree that the process of hunting for opportunities could be called “capture by carpal tunnel.” Finding the opportunities is tedious work—scouring multiple sites for reliable and current information and polling points of contact for clarifying information.

Ask any proposal manager, and they’ll tell you that managing multiple versions of a proposal and digging through old work for that perfect boilerplate text is work that only a few truly love.

With AI and natural language processing features, Capture2 correlates and suggests business opportunities relevant to government contractors based on their business development pipeline.

“Capture2Proposal combines an AI- and NLP-enabled search tool with CRM and document management functionality in one platform,” says Gresham Bayne, VP of Operations. It learns what business you tend to go after—and what business you win—and suggests new opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

That AI and NLP are what make C2P shine. After leaving military service and entering the contractor world, founder Christopher Pohle realized that the system of finding government business was antiquated. Government contracting is an $800+ billion industry, but there aren’t a lot of tools to serve the companies going after that business—and none of them were using AI.

That new technology helped raise $4 million in the first round of funding led by Peter Thiel’s Mithril Capital Management earlier this year, enabling Capture2 to expand and roll out new and expanded features, including a revolutionary Custom Capture feature. This feature combines with the customizable Pipeline Reports to allow each company to set their own proprietary data and views to help with their capture tracking and bid decisions.”

While Capture2 focuses on this revolutionary new approach to government BD management, they work with EGFS to help manage their own growth and financial leadership.

Working with EGFS

Bayne says, “As a startup, you can’t afford to hire a CFO or staff an accountant, but you desperately need financial leadership and sage wisdom. Working with Early Growth has been amazing. Because they have such great experience in our space, there were no learning curves for them.”

“Working with Jerry Corcoran has been eye-opening. We get to tap into a top-notch financial advisor with Silicon Valley experience. He makes sure that we’re reporting on the right metrics and that we all know what those metrics are—that’s crucial information no matter what industry you’re in,” continues Bayne. “Jerry hasn’t just checked the boxes for what we need, but he offers additional insight and advice, whether it’s about a hiring decision or product direction.”

Jerry says, “Working with Capture2 is great. It’s been fun to see them as the first to apply big data to this market. The complexities of government data make this a bigger problem than most big data sets. Capture2 offers a ton of value so that small and large companies alike can go after contracts. On top of that, they’re great people to work with.”