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EAGLE Next Generation Announcement Exemplifies Key 2018 Trends in Contracting

Prepared by Capture2, Inc.

DHS recently announced that the follow-on for the EAGLE II contract vehicle will take a whole new direction. EAGLE Next Gen will be a contract vehicle suite and will consist of many existing IT GWACs that span multiple agencies. Download Capture2’s report to learn what is planned, and what can be expected, now and when EAGLE II expires in 2020.

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The two key trends from 2018

The shift to more agile rapid acquisitions models, and the consolidation of contracts across agencies.  These trends have played out in new contracts and the follow-on contracts for existing contract vehicles as they expire.

EAGLE Next Generation (Next Gen) Summary

How it will rely on using existing GWACs to cover most of the EAGLE needs, as well as smaller, specialized contract vehicles to fill in the gaps.

Brief summaries of each contract included in EAGLE Next Gen

Scope, highlights, and more for Alliant 2, Alliant 2 Small Business, STARS II, VETS 2, CIO-SP3, and CIO-SP3 Small Business

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