Market Intelligence Report:

DoD Rapid Acquisition Trends In 2019

Prepared by Capture2, Inc.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has a great incentive to use new rapid acquisitions methods. After years of technical dominance over the rest of the world, the US has found that our competitive edge is eroding. Technological advances within the military have not kept pace with the advances in the free market. In the second installation of Capture2’s series on rapid acquisitions, we will explore the ways in which the drive toward rapid acquisitions and the changes in the rules for Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contracts have impacted military defense contracts.

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Case studies from DoD’s efforts to embrace rapid acquisitions

Focusing on PMW 150, GPS 3F, & BlueSHIFT

Creating Your Roadmap Through the Rapid Acquisitions Landscape

Process agility, identifying what commercial products exist in your domain expertise, & Research Consortia

The three major consortia run by DoD agencies

As well as the full list of the major consortia with their management groups & descriptions.

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