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Customize C2P to align with your company’s business development processes and reporting needs.  C2P was specifically designed to be the end-to-end business development platform for Government contractors. However, data capture and reporting requirements for every customer differ along with their internal business development, capture and proposal processes. With that in mind, the Capture2 Team designed a user-friendly admin feature that empowers customers to easily add additional data elements and align their business development process.

  • Easily create new categories and data fields that align with your business development process
  • Add field types, including memo, drop-downs, currency, dates, numeric, grids and math formulas
  • Filter on custom capture fields to support business development reporting requirements
Capture2's Custom Data Capture Feature Improves GovCon Business Development

Customized to Your Business Development Processes

Custom Capture empowers companies to easily tailor C2P to align with their tracking and reporting needs. For example, a company would like to classify and track opportunities that are owned by a business development unit. Therefore, they would add a data field called “Business Development Unit,” and add the drop-down menus to reflect each division, such as “Army Account.” Once that is completed, every opportunity will have that field visible allowing the capture manager to update it.

Capture2's Adminstrator Control Console Provides Customized Data Capture for Government Contracting Companies.

Math Formula Builder Feature Expands Customization

In addition to memo, date, currency, number, drop down, and grid data fields, C2P’s Custom Capture provides the ability to construct math formulas using custom capture data fields (e.g., WRAP Rates) and C2P opportunity intelligence fields such as “Estimated Award Value” as variables. For example, using the Wrap Rate of 169.4% based on this example from “What are Wrap Rates?,” the user is able to set a formula value as 1.694 and multiply it by the required custom capture data fields. As a result, Business Developers may enter FTE Hours, FTE Count, and FTE Salary values to generate the fully burdened labor rate. Custom Capture’s math formula feature empowers Business Developers to get more information dynamically throughout their capture efforts.

Custom Capture Data Fields with Expanded Capabilities Through Capture2Proposal's Math Formula Builder

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