Pursuit of a government business opportunity is critical to business growth, yet can be very costly in both time and effort. Finding the “needle in the haystack” opportunities that are perfectly aligned with your company’s capabilities, sales lifecycle, and business strategy – ahead of the competition – and effective pursuit is the key to successful growth.  Capture2Proposal is GovCon’s fastest growing, award winning market intelligence and pursuit software platform and has proven itself for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 30 companies. 

Capture2Proposal’s upcoming webinar on ‘Winning the most GovCon Opportunities’  will help answer the following questions:

  • Where are the best government procurement opportunities posted online? 
  • How can I search for and find more of the best Federal business opportunities for my government sales portfolio? 

Some opportunities can be found with the government’s own procurement tracking tool, Beta.Sam.gov – but often once they reach here, the opportunity might already be effectively decided or be ultra-competitive.  There are many more that can only be discovered and tracked through individual contract vehicle websites, or through intelligent government business opportunity search platforms like Capture2Proposal (C2P).

The C2P government procurement search engine is unique.  It applies AI-techniques to a broad universe of procurement opportunity databases, data feeds, and online information.  In the upcoming webinar, you’ll discover exactly how Capture2Proposal provides its customers with precisely tailored opportunity results sourced from 100+ Federal procurement sources.  Not only are there more records, C2P provides more information and more tools to find those “golden” pre-rfp opportunities that precisely fit your objectives – often months ahead of competing solutions. 

Additionally, other C2P GovCon pursuit management and tracking benefits will be covered including:

  • Search by data fields not offered by other government business market intelligence platforms, including Facility Clearance, Evaluation Criteria
  • Keyword search finds opportunities across the broadest set of associated documents in the industry and not just based on the opportunity overview, but based on ALL the words within the documents and tags associated with each opportunity
  • Search by Opportunity Status, including Forecasted (Pre-RFP). Use Date Ranges to find opportunities 36 months out from estimated solicitation release date.  Find the most set-aside opportunities of any tool in the industry.
  • Add opportunities to your company’s sales pipeline easily for full-lifecycle government pursuit management.

Register today to learn about the new release and features of the GovCon market intelligence and pursuit community’s most effective, best-performing, affordable government business opportunity search engine platform.