• Select the number you want C2P to use to start. If you have existing billing numbers, for example, we can start using numbers that align with where you are in a sequence already rather than starting at one.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 99999.

  • Do you want to add any alphanumeric text to the start of your COIN (e.g. the “C2S” in the example above)? This text can relate to your company, division, or anything else (e.g. PropDev for Proposal Development). It will be used uniformly across all opportunities; it is not possible to mix different leading text messages depending on the opportunity.

  • If you would like the numbers to show with a certain number of characters, we can add zeros to the front of smaller numbers to set the length, similar to many billing pads. For example, if your initial value is 1, but your number length is 4, then we will show the value as “0001” in the COIN field. Numbers will not be capped at the given length; e.g. after 9999 the next value will be 10000 even though it exceeds the initial length; we do not circle back to 0 and risk duplicate values.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 10.

  • Do you want us to backfill values to your existing pipeline opportunities, or to start with this number on the next opportunity added to your pipeline?
    All backfills will be performed outside normal business hours, usually the same evening as requested.