Potential Use Cases for Capture2Proposal & Unanet Interoperability

Capture2Proposal and Unanet are working with our mutual customers to identify potential use cases to provide interoperability between Capture2Proposal and Unanet. To assist in this effort, we are asking our customers to help identify what information from Capture2Proposal should be automatically transmitted to Unanet to improve business processes.

The example below identifies a potential feature, where the user may update Unanet’s pipeline with an opportunity from Capture2Proposal. Clicking on the update button would generate a Project in Unanet with Project Status set to Pipeline. When the opportunity is updated in C2P, updates would be continuously updated in Unanet.

With this example in mind, could you provide us with some examples of what opportunity data from Capture2Proposal you might want to be transferred to Unanet? If so, please complete the following form below so our team can best understand the problem and objective.