The Leading GovWin Competitor, Capture2Proposal

Given intense rivalry among government contractors, your team needs any advantage it can get. All GovCon opportunity search software products claim to provide their customers with a unique edge in finding and winning government contracts. However, one GovWin competitor lands its clients more pre-RFP opportunities than all others: Capture2Proposal.

An Integrated Platform for Effective Business Development

With Deltek, clients receive imperfect information at premium prices. And they must use separate systems for every aspect of the business development lifecycle, each of which has an extra fee attached. Plus, these systems lack robust integration: updating opportunity details in one does not update them in the others.

Capture2Proposal software, however, uses an integrated business and data model through the entire business development lifecycle. Thus, our clients’ BD, sales, capture, and proposal managers and leadership collaborate with up-to-date information in a ‘single source of truth’. What’s more, Capture2Proposal software allows them to authorize limited system access to partners and subcontractors.

Smart AI that Matches Opportunities To You

Capture2Proposal software can also find, and notify you, about new leads as early as 36 months before their solicitation date. It does so through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which matches your strengths to our opportunity intelligence database. And with instant notifications, you won’t lose any time on evaluating potential projects.

GovWin, on the other hand, relies on manual user and analyst input to hunt down such opportunities. Clients must extract relevant data from project notifications and search for it in a database. Capture2Proposal provides links that take users to the appropriate solicitation source pages.

More Opportunities and Growth at a Faster Rate

GovWin relies on analysts to research procurement and solicitation information, including IDIQ/RFP/RFQs, and upload them to their database. Capture2Proposal has automated these processes to expand our opportunity reach and speed up delivery. As a result, we’ve seen tremendous growth in finding pre-RFPs for trending market segments – in healthcare and homeland security, for example.

A recent study found that, compared to GovWin, Capture2Proposal provides:

  • 7 times more contract vehicles
  • 3 times more pre-RFPs
  • 179% more set-aside opportunities


As mentioned above, Deltek offers fewer services at a higher price, with expensive add-ons. Capture2Proposal’s philosophy is not to ‘nickle and dime’ you for the additional functionality you need.

Are you looking for cost-effective advantages in the government contracting market? Choose the GovWin competitor that offers smarter software solutions at a better price with Capture2Proposal.

Cost effective.

As a Woman-Owned Small Business, finding a comprehensive tool that combines both business development and capture at a reasonable price is very helpful. Other competitors offer far less capability for more money and if you want to add any functionality then you have to pay more. That isn’t feasible for small businesses. C2P offers more customized capability and flexibility at a reasonable price that will support you as you grow your business.

Jamie Moraga

President & CEO, IntelliSolutions, Inc. ®

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