Like the once famous Burger King motto, you want an Opportunity Management System that allows you to have it your way when it comes to capture management. Burger King was on to something with the 40-year reign of their “Have it your way.” slogan.  Capture2Proposal’s (C2P) Custom Capture feature empowers users to do capture management their way. Rarely do any two companies conduct capture management exactly alike. The majority, in some shape, form or fashion, adhere to the Shipley Capture Management methodology, which has become an industry standard. However, that methodology is molded and shaped in a manner that fits their individual capture management style.

Many users have spent years developing and honing their own personalized capture management processes. If they see a way to improve that capture management approach, most are open to incorporating it into their existing process. However, few are willing to change how they do capture management simply to adapt to how a business development tool was designed.  Team Capture2 realized that an effective Opportunity Management System needed several key characteristics. It should:

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Capture Management with Flexibility

  1. Be based on solid capture and proposal management fundamentals
  2. Have the capacity to customize capture management to fit each individual customer
  3. Enable standardization of capture management within each customer’s organization

C2P was designed around core industry capture management standards and best practices. When a user adds an opportunity to their Business Development (BD) pipeline, the user can have confidence that they are receiving the relevant information that makes capture management effective. This includes linking the current solicitation with any previous versions and ensuring that any incumbent contract information is provided. Solicitation information, as well as fields populated by each customer’s BD team with critical information such as PWin, subcontracting team, Teaming Agreement status, and work share are right at your fingertips allowing you to strategically link them to formulate your Custom Capture screens.

Agile – Flexible Capture Management

C2P’s Custom Capture feature is agile. It allows you to quickly establish your own fields and easily link to the standard C2P fields.  It is flexible, allowing you to build upon previous custom fields that you may have created. Say, for example, a user creates a field for Gate Reviews to indicate the Bid/No Bid decision that results from each Gate Review. Later, however, the user decides to capture the Bid/No Bid decision of each key stakeholder that participated in the Gate Review. With C2P, there’s no need to start over. Just go in and add the additional field. However, if you decide that you do want to start over, it’s easy to remove Custom Capture fields as well. Generate formulas based on PWin and award value, capture and proposal budgets, critical dates in the BD cycle, notes about the opportunity… the list goes on.

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The power of C2P’s Custom Capture feature goes far beyond the ability to add customized capture management data to an opportunity. BD Managers want a system that gives them command and control of their opportunities. The pulse point in capture management is the pipeline. Most companies have scheduled meetings in which they carefully evaluate their pipeline to ensure that they have a healthy revenue stream to carry their company into future years, and to make sure that they are well positioned for each opportunity. C2P’s Custom Capture is integrated with the pipeline, allowing users to view and generate reports from their customized fields in their pipeline. Users can add most custom capture fields to their pipeline, and drill down to edit Custom Capture fields right there as well.

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C2P integration with Custom Capture and Pipeline reporting allows users to save customized views that support the type of reports needed for various reviews. If a company wanted to generate a report to view their revenue stream for five years out, they could utilize their customized fields to view expected revenue compared with probable revenue, based on weighting the contract value using their calculated PWin.

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With the Custom Capture feature, the user is in control of the customization of their BD pipeline in C2P. Whatever a company’s capture management style, Team Capture2 has created easy to use, agile and flexible tools to do it their way.