A revolutionary business intelligence, capture, and proposal management solution in one secure, collaborative, and customizable platform.

C2P is more than just a Business Intelligence Tool.


Opportunity-Centric Intelligence

C2P aggregates solicitation, award, agency forecasts, industry briefs and analyst updates to provide opportunity intelligence throughout the entire acquisition life cycle. Evaluate government business opportunities easier and faster with C2P.


Government Opportunity Search

Search by security clearance, evaluation criteria, keywords within opportunities’ documents, & various other fields to find and add opportunities to your pipeline with ease. Search, identify and track government contracting opportunities better than ever before.


Instant Notifications

Receive instant, daily, and weekly opportunity updates that entail Government procurement, independent C2P Analyst Team research, and your team’s BD activities in a consolidated email. Stay informed with instant opportunity status updates.


Custom Capture

Customize C2P to expand your tracking and reporting needs. Easily create data fields to align with your business development process and pipeline reporting. Custom tailor C2P to fit your BD process.

Spend Less Time,
Spend Less Money,
Win More Business

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